Non Contact Wireless Liquid Level Gauge

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Selection of Micro-controller: This is a no-brainer. Since the contest was sponsored by guys at Texas Instruments and they shipped me a MSP430 development board ‘Launchpad’ free of cost, I am morally obliged to use and feature their products. Also, before they gave me this freebie, I already had 3 launchpad boards lying around begging to be used. With my limited experience with MSP430’s, I found them to be much powerful than PICs and Arduino.  Though they may not feature fancy USB ports or CAN/LIN bus (as with PIC) or have a huge fan following (like Arduino), what MSP430 have are multitude of ADC ports and almost all ports have programmable interrupts. And yes not to forget the internal DCO.


Posted below is the schematic of the sensor front-end, if you have any query about the design please free to post a comment. If you see the schematic closely I have also provided two additional sensor ports labelled XTR and WTR. They are designed to hold a LM35 temperature sensor and are intended to be used for measuring External Ambient and Water Temperature.

Eagle Schematic of the Sensor Front End

Eagle Board Layout of the Sensor Front End

Final PCB Prototype – Top Side

Final PCB Prototype – Bottom Side

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7 Responses to Non Contact Wireless Liquid Level Gauge

  1. Dilip says:

    Hi can u give me an idea for how to manage current cuts in your home..can u suggest how to build a cheap generator or inverter to supply current for home?

  2. Wayne Byal says:

    I am having a hard time finding a good link to your liquid level gauge project with schematics, board layout, parts list and code could you please provide this thanks wayne.

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  4. Olá estou procurando um esquema de circuito eletrônico para nível de caixa d’água, que tenha as seguintes medidas, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, através de sensores por fios e que tenha visor LCD para indicação. Também quero outo esquema que mim indique 50%, 75%, 100%, através de sensores com fios e tenha visor LCD, não sei se uma placa só serve para os dois casos. se você tiver algum me envie por favor.

    José Elaesso da Silva.

  5. Arky says:

    Hi interest in a unit like this can you contact me at my email

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