IR Remote Controlled 4 Channel Relay

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Code to read IR Signal from a Sony Remote and trigger a relay.

Code adapted from

Compiler : CCS C Compiler
Target MCU: Microchip PIC 16F628A

#use delay(internal=4MHz)
#define LED  PIN_B4
#define IR  PIN_B3
#define RELAY1  PIN_A2
#define RELAY2  PIN_A3
#define RELAY3  PIN_B1
#define RELAY4  PIN_B2

/* TIMER0 configuration */ 

/* Interrupt rate:                     */ 
/* 4/4000000*65536*1 = 0.256 ms       */ 
/*                                     */ 
/*     Start: 3.0 ms (ignored)         */ 
/*     "1":   1.8 ms (225)           */ 
/*     "0":   1.2 ms  (150)           */ 

#define ONE_MIN  190
#define ONE_MAX  400 
#define ZERO_MIN 10 
#define ZERO_MAX 185 

short rly1,rly2,rly3,rly4,state;

/* irframes[0] (start) will be garbage, ignore it...  */ 
int16 irframes[13]; 
int8 ircount = 0; 
int1 irdone = FALSE; 

void ext_ccp1() { 
  if (irdone) return; 
  irframes[ircount++] = get_timer0(); 
  if (ircount >= 13) 
    irdone = TRUE; 

void timer0_isr() { 

int1 decode_ir(int8 &addr, int8 &cmd) { 
  int8 i; 
  int8 mask; 
  int8 bits[13]; 

  addr = 0; 
  cmd = 0; 

  for (i=1; i
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