16×8 LED Word Clock – (Almost Complete)

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Clock Fascia Matrix:

Clock Fascia

In the illustration above, each of the similarly colored 4×4 character groups will be lit up by the 4×4 Led matrix board. So in all the clock will use 8 such boards to give a 16×8 matrix. Each 8×8 cluster i.e 4x4x4 will be controlled by an MAX7219 breakout board. MAX7219 can control 64 LEDs and thus can control a 8×8 LED matrix. The thin green line in the illustration above is indicative of the demarcation of MAX7219 limits. Hover it is apparent that at the centre some words (highlighted in yellow below) are spread over two 4×4 panels and they need to be handled specially.

Words spanning two panels.


PCB Order placed on 20 Jul 2012.

Project Costing (Dynamic) in INR
Sl No Description Unit Price Quantity Total
1 PCB Fab- LED Matrix 80 25 2000
2 PCB Fab- MAX7219 Breakout Board 31.25 20 625
3 PCB Fab-Clock Controller 96 10 960
4 PCB Setup & Filming 3 675 2025
5 Forwarding Charges 1 100 100
Ishan Karve

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  5. trialex says:

    Excellent work!

    Can I ask where you have ordered your vinyl stickers from?

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  7. ankit says:

    ishan, impressive build ! where did u get the pcbs fabricated from in india ? also any good place to buy ics such as the 7219 ?

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