16×8 LED Word Clock – (Almost Complete)

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 I received the Main Clock controller board on 04 Aug 12. To my horror, the board was the old design that I had submitted to the vendor for getting an estimate. I immediately contacted the vendor. He has accepted his mistake and has said that he will reship the new boards. The second batch of boards arrived on 05 Aug 12, and as expected they too were from the old design. However,  there was not much of difference between the old LED matrix design and the new one, so I have accepted one of the boards and have shipped the old boards back to the vendor. The boards should be with me by end of next week.

14 Aug 12 : Got the PCB’s today evening. Quality not that good compared to the previous lot. However still much better than a home made PCB.

15 Aug 12 :  Soldered and tested all the boards. To my relief, all of them are working sat. I was able to upload the Arduino boot-loader onto my board. I will share the process shortly. Below is a test video of a four 4×4 led panels arranged to form a a 8×8 panel and displaying 5×7 pixel font ASCII characters.

18Aug 12: Boards now have been mounted on a perspex sheet and ready for testing. Arduino is connected in a piggyback mode for programming and debug purpose.

Boards mounted on a perspex sheet for testing.

 19 Aug 12:  Testing code to verify single character scrolling. Code is available here

20 Aug 12: Just printed the fasica on  piece of paper to test the code and the light baffle. Here is  a working demo. This is not the final piece.. but is more or less like it.

23Aug12: Received the laser cut light baffles. My idea worked better than what I expected. Does what its supposed to do.

24 Aug 12: This is the Version 1 Version 1.1 of the code. Download IshansWordClockV1.1 code


Working Prototype

25 Aug 12: Finalized the code and made the whole prototype as it would look in a final product. Everything looks good except the fascia. Waiting for my vinyl stickers, should be in my hand by Tuesday.  Following are some pictures of the pre-boxing up build

..to be continued

Ishan Karve

About Ishan Karve

Ishan Karve is just an every day normal guy next door who happens to be an Electronics Engineer by profession and dabbles with PHP, Javascript, C++ and python. His interests vary as seasons change.. they change from astronomy to soul searching. This site is just a reflection of what he does to keep his mind engaged when he is not occupied by work and family. He is an extremely objective guy and is always ready for some good arguments.. of course over a glass of 40% proof alcohol.
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  5. trialex says:

    Excellent work!

    Can I ask where you have ordered your vinyl stickers from?

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  7. ankit says:

    ishan, impressive build ! where did u get the pcbs fabricated from in india ? also any good place to buy ics such as the 7219 ?

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