Plane Spotting: ADS-B Plane Director Script

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Phew! Been a while since I have posted something on my blog. Well, that does not mean that I have been too busy or idling around. Just that my work-life balance was heavily tilted towards the work side. Excuses aside, for a past few years I have been dabbling with the ADS-B setup that I have with me.

While the setup has worked beyond my wildest expectations, what I wanted next was design some aid to help guide me towards the direction of the plane. So the next thing I did was was to code a small script to do the same. What does it do? Outputs the slant range, bearing and elevation angle of the plane track dumped by my ADS-B receiver. The code has been written in C.

The next step: Maybe integrate it with gpsd daemon  and a pan-tilt camera mount.

Source Code: polarplot.c
To Compile use : gcc -o polarplot polarplot.c -lm


Ishan Karve

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Ishan Karve is just an every day normal guy next door who happens to be an Electronics Engineer by profession and dabbles with PHP, Javascript, C++ and python. His interests vary as seasons change.. they change from astronomy to soul searching. This site is just a reflection of what he does to keep his mind engaged when he is not occupied by work and family. He is an extremely objective guy and is always ready for some good arguments.. of course over a glass of 40% proof alcohol.
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