Simple Script to Download epaper from Indian Express

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Due to errors induced by wordpress code formatting I am no longer posting the script here.

You can now download the script here

Ishan Karve

About Ishan Karve

Ishan Karve is just an every day normal guy next door who happens to be an Electronics Engineer by profession and dabbles with PHP, Javascript, C++ and python. His interests vary as seasons change.. they change from astronomy to soul searching. This site is just a reflection of what he does to keep his mind engaged when he is not occupied by work and family. He is an extremely objective guy and is always ready for some good arguments.. of course over a glass of 40% proof alcohol.
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5 Responses to Simple Script to Download epaper from Indian Express

  1. ravi chandran says:


  2. Vashistha Iyer says:

    Your script for “The Hindu” works flawlessly. I copied this script and created an .sh file. But on execution it gives various error. Would be grateful if you could provide a working a .sh file for download IE pdf… Thanks.

  3. Vas says:

    On Executing this script in windows platform using Cygwin I am getting few errors, please correct them. But the script for The Hindu works well, great job.

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