Linux bash script client for 24Online

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This script emulates HTTP client login for 24Online broadband billing gateway. You can download the script here scriptRoam.
The script uses curl and hence curl is required to be installed on your linux box.  I have not tested the script on cygwin.

Prior using the script you need to change some parameters inside the script like the gateway address and username / password. Post that and assuming that u have ‘curl’ installed rename the script extension to .sh (dot sh) and chmod +x it to make it executabe.



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Peek inside a Volkswagen Ad Thingie

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Volkswagen and Indian newspaper Times of India never fail to surprise Indian readers with their advertisement campaigns. When they launched the Vento, the newspaper played their jingle when the reader opened the page, this was followed by a metallic print ad for the sedan variant, Times also had featured an ad that had scented pages ..
Today mornings copy of the times gave me a shiver of excitement.. The page literally vibrated. Flipping over the paper revealed the secret. A small black color pod with an LDR was behind the mischief.

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Fun with Crossplexing – Adventure with AS1130 (Ideating)

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Current Status:  Ideating, visualising and day dreaming while the samples arrive.

27 Jul 2012:
Today while browsing the net in search of LED driver, I came across an interesting IC from austriamicrosystems AS1130. The chip is a 132-LED Cross-Plexing Driver with scrolling Function. Woah, thats a lot of LEDs to be controlled by a single IC.  As at the present moment I am working on an LED clock using MAX7219 IC and given the fact that the MAX7219 can control 64 individual LEDs, the subject IC instantly grabbed my attention.

DIY-ers and Hobbyist like me are always short on money and micro-controller pins but are always big on ideas, so every pin saved is an extra functionality/blinky led added. I just glanced through the datasheet and said ‘ I must have that IC’. So I rushed to their samples page to try my luck.. and boy, I was lucky and as the things stand now.. my samples (3 in no) are on my way.
The next step, was what am I going to do with it? Since flavour of the season with me is ‘Word Clock’ .. so I have decided to go ahead and build a word clock with this IC.

28 Jul 2012:

Had some spare time, so went through the IC’s datasheet. I realised that unlike other LED drivers, this IC required LEDs to me wired up in a different fashion, its a variant of Charlie-Plexing , called CrossPlexing. Charlieplexing is the most common form of  multiplexing LEDs and it has taken me a bit of time to understand CrossPlexing wiring. I have attempted to draw a x-plexed LED matrix in eagle. It has taken me a bit of time to draw this and I am not quite sure whether this will work or not. Following is the preliminary layout

Crossplexed 132 LED Array

Also I came across a tutorial from digikey on CrossPlexing.

.. to be continued.

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16×8 LED Word Clock – (Almost Complete)

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Nothing novel, another project.. 16X8 LED Word Clock… The LED panel is composed of 8 individual panels of 4×4 LEDs. Each group of 4 such panels will be controlled by a MAX7219. Here are the schematics and board layouts of the 4×4 LED board and LED driver … They are on the way to a fab house….In the meantime I shall do 3D render of my project. Schematics & PCB designed using Eagle CAD 6.2.0 Lite Running on Linux Box.

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Non Contact Wireless Liquid Level Gauge

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This current project of mine which I am documenting here was selected for the TI MCU Contest -2012 but did not make the final cut. What I am documenting by way of this post is for archival purpose and  posterity.The project idea itself was half cooked and I aborted a similar project last year due to lack of motivation. You can see the remnants here.

Also you will notice that in this project I am using components made by Texas Instruments, the reason for that has been that TI has been gracious to supply me with their Launchpad development tool and samples of their instrumentation amplifier  absolutely free.

Assembled Receiver and Transmitter Frontends

Well, the net is abound with example for various methods to measure liquid level. However, most of the methods are based on methods that use conductors and a slightly conductive liquid to estimate the liquid level. As the post title suggest, what I attempted (and I guess that I was successful to a reasonable measure) was to design and develop a non contact liquid level gauge that monitors a tank for the fluid (water but can be any liquid) level.

The system hardware consists of two parts

(a) The Sensor Frontend.
(b) The Receiver Frontend.

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