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APC UPS Shutdown Manager

I work in an office where working late in the night is the norm including weekends.. This post is not about my office or about the work we do late into the night but about a problem statement posed to me … Continue reading

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Arduino NTP Client using EtherShield library

This code is snippet of a larger project I am working on. The project requires time synchronization so I decided to use NTP to retrieve time from server as the project hardware (Arduino ATMega328 board + ENC28J60 based shield) already … Continue reading

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Sketch to ping remote computer using Arduino (Using EtherShield Library and an ENC28J60 Shield)

Well over the past weekend I had been scouring the net trying to get a cue as to how to ping a remote computer using an Arduino Duemilanove and an ENC28J60 based shield (I am using SureElectronics Ethernet Communication Module USB … Continue reading

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