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Emulating RC6-6-20 IR Remote: Part 1 – Understanding the protocol

In this series of How To I shall emulate a IR remote control using a Texas Instruments Launchpad MSP-430G2 and few discreet components. The exercise was undertaken by me purely as a self learning exercise. Before I proceed to the … Continue reading

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Fun with IR Transmitter: Transmitting Sony SIRC protocol remote commands using TI Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2

Simple code to transmit SONY remote control commands using Launchpad. The code can used to make your own IR Blaster. The code is not elegant but is certainly functional. This code would not have been possible without the lucid explanation … Continue reading

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Fun with Timers : Decoding an Sony SIRC protocol on TI Launchpad MSP-EXP430G2

This post is one of those which have resulted out of my self learning . Over the time I have become fairly conversant with Arduino (ATMega type)  and PIC  and hence  I decided to take the plunge into the world … Continue reading

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IR Remote Controlled 4 Channel Relay

Code to read IR Signal from a Sony Remote and trigger a relay. Code adapted from Compiler : CCS C Compiler Target MCU: Microchip PIC 16F628A #include #fuses INTRC_IO, NOWDT, BROWNOUT, NOLVP #use delay(internal=4MHz) #define LED PIN_B4 #define IR PIN_B3 … Continue reading

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